Adrianne Tamar Arachne – USA

«My name is Adrianne Tamar Arachne, and I am a Colorado-based artist who works in many mediums, but mostly in the medium of oil paint. My work pulls fantastical concepts, bioluminescent creatures, and surreal dimensions from the ethers. My unique style is a merging of strong technical abilities, a deep sense of magic, and a spiritual relationship with the earth. I approach my work with intensity, and form a complex magical connection with each piece.. which brings them to life through the nature of that connection.

My art is an exploration of the intersection of the human and more-than-human worlds through remembering the lost magic of our interconnection. My art has always been the place where I explore the way I experience the magic of spirit: the spirit of other humans, the spirit of the earth around me, and the spirit of my personal relationship to our interconnection. This exploration has led me down a path of painting symbolic portraits of both human and more-than-human life. It is through this process of discovering and communicating symbolic imagery that I am constantly reminded of a deep truth: No matter who we are or where we’ve come from – we each carry a medicine in our story. For me, these stories are best told through art.

I am elated to have the opportunity to come to Natthagen, and to share, learn, listen, connect, and create from the stories I find there.»

Review of my stay at Natthagen
“I’m so honored to have had the opportunity to occupy an artist residency at Natthagen. TrondE and Robert were incredibly welcoming, and the location was stunning in it’s beauty and expanse. The Forest, the quiet, and the pace of life at Natthagen all helped create a perfect environment for incubating new creative ideas and thoughts.. and I was able to work on things that I had not yet had the time or experience to work on yet. 

There were so many things that contributed to a creatively inspiring and productive experience at Natthagen – TrondE’s knowledge of the history of the land, his connection to the history of Forest Finn culture, and his mastery of many different mediums were a delight to learn about. TrondE and Robert also generously took me on different explorations and tours where we looked at local sights, histories, and museums.. which was very rich and informative. All of these things were very inspiring. 

TrondE and Robert live a way of life that is very connected to nature, and I found myself connecting even more deeply to a simple and meaningful way of life during my time with them. I found myself filtering all of these influences through my art, sometimes creating intentional pieces that were representations of the symbols and stories I was weaving together from this place.. other times, I was experimenting with new mediums that TrondE was showing me. And that helped me think outside of my box in a way I hadn’t experienced before. 

Natthagen, to me, will always be a place that my art took deeper root into connection with nature. It will be a place that inspires me with it’s beauty for years to come, and this incredibly powerful experience will continue to transform my art as I move forward as a creator.”

– Adrianne