Anne Louise Stangeland – Norway

During my life I have lived in many places. I have studied art in Sweden and Finland. As a child, I spent my best childhood years in Raufoss. Some likes to make a point that I am moving from a west coast to another west coast. From Stavanger to Gerlesborg («best west coast» / Bohuslän, Sweden) to Jakobstad / Pietarsaari, Finland. And then I have lived in west Toten and south west in London as a child.

I am specially fond of Innlandet (East Norway). I associate it with something warm and safe, the world’s finest dialect, the spruce forests, the heaps of stones, wild flowers, skiing, ski jumping, melting snow, bird songs, and the gnome waiting for the porridge. Therefore, it was a gift to have the opportunity to come to a residency in Natthagen. The Innlandet  County (East Norway) connects my story: Raufoss, nearness to Sweden and Finnish clans.

I am interested in Finnish emigrants and forest culture and history. I look forward to seeking out new and old areas, meeting Trond and Robert, and just be there and seek the peace of the forest.

Anne Louise Stangeland
Natthagen AiR Resident September 2021