Kitty Doomernik – The Netherlands

Review about my stay and working period at Art Center Natthagen 01-09-2022 until 01-10-2022

About two years ago I developed the basic idea for my “Nick Cave Project”. The song texts of this Australian singer have already been influencing my work for a while: On the one hand, there are the social topics he sings about, which are current, but also of all times. On the other hand, his lyrics are about the dark in beauty.

I received, from a friend, more than 40 plastic lids. I had them sprayed with white primer: they would be the carriers of my collages. These collages can be hung in an exhibition space: one side stuck with mirror film, on the other side the collage. The viewer, walking past the objects, sees him/herself in the mirror, but could also recognizes him/herself also in the collage.

From the moment I arrived at Natthagen I felt the right atmosphere, or vibration, to work And concentrated on my installation project. TrondE and Robert, the owners and initiators of Natthagen Art Center, were incredibly welcoming and the location was amazing.

The studio was spacious, with a beautiful, soothing view of grassland, lined by trees and a hilly horizon. There was plenty of room for all my boxes with clippings and computer, with four tables to work on and a loader with attributes for graphics, drawing and painting. There is a Wi-Fi connection, which is movable and a sound installation with a wide selection of CDs. All these facilities promoted working.

As a human being and as an artist, I need other people around me. That’s what my art is about. The location is quiet, but I have met many visitors, because TrondE and Robert have felt this need of mine. They also took the time to take me on visits to all kinds of museums and art spaces and showed me the astonishing surrounding nature: the taiga, the lakes and rivers. As a result, I also learned a great deal about the nature, population and culture of the area. Although I had a more or less ready plan for my working period, TrondE showed me some new printing techniques, which I can apply within my collage technique.

During my stay a so-called “Earth Art path” was built on the Natthagen site. In the near future artists will be invited to submit a plan for an Earth Art – work along this path. Because I have met TrondE and Robert, Natthagen and discovered Norway’s beautiful nature, I now feel inspired and inspired to submit such a plan, one that is far from my collage work.

Natthagen has given me an amazing opportunity to work on my project, but as also broadened and deepened my vision as an artist, for which I am deeply grateful.

Kitty Doomernik
October 2022